Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Your RWA is for your own good

As very recently Delhi government was batting for Mohalla Sabha, to bring local governance into play, RWAs have a different take on the move. They want the present government to empower their committees rather than create one more level. At the same time, RWAs also want the associations to remain apolitical so that development remains away from policy paralysis.

So what do these RWAs do?
This is a growing trend not just in big cities but also in Tier II towns where gated communities and colonies have taken over the realty landscape. Usually such associations are responsible for maintaining common infrastructure by giving out responsibilities to all its members.

Moreover, these associations hold legal identity if registered with the government. In fact, they have a significant role as these are bound to represent the concerns of residents. The latest one is Supertech case in Noida where RWAs went up to court against illegal construction of the tower.

Impact of RWAs on realty values:
An efficient RWA gives way to well-maintained infrastructure including maintenance of parks, security guards, day-to-day affairs and public events. Hence, property experts have different view on it.

“RWAs impact property values but in a very indirect way. Who doesn’t want efficient security assistance or a green well maintained park. These things always play a key role while making purchasing decision, especially amongst young buyers as most of them are working and look for a place to relax and consider safe,” says Himanshu Gehlot, one of the local property consultant and ex-employee of a leading builders’ firm in North India.

Buying in a colony with RWAs is always a better option. It offers a better lifestyle and a better neighbourhood for your children to live in!

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