Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Why not take charge of your locality?

Worried about how the city is plagued by traffic issues, drainage, sewerage and filth? It is perhaps time to DIY (Do-it-Yourself)! Surprised? As real estate consumers and residents, you cannot ignore the fact that Bengaluru has its own set of problems because of the popularity of the city in terms of jobs, salaries, land values, innovation and migration rates. Why not take charge of your locality?

Bengaluru does lead by example. In recent news, locals in Domlur stage II transformed a garbage dump site into a playground. Call it the spirit of ‘Swachh Bharat’, the local resident association after much neglect by the local authorities took it on themselves to clean up the area. Neglect had led to construction sites and others to dump debris and waste in the area. Overtime, what was supposed to be a mini-green forest area turned into a garbage disposal ground.

In a recently held Magicbricks webinar, Saurabh Sharma, a resident of Sarjapura who had just gone in for an investment was taken aback when he learnt that while safety was being compromised and infrastructure was on a low too. “Speed breakers, street lights and bad roads. Who can help - the builder or the authorities?” Usually such complaints are taken to the authorities. A developer is responsible for onsite premises and therefore if the offsite infrastructure, public facility does not match your lifestyle, do go in for support groups or your local residential welfare association who can collectively handle the situation.

Now for some other problems in the city. Rajkumar Vaidyanath, a resident of Jayanagar says, “My neighbour was even taken to the court because of the foul smell emanating from his plot which is a little in the outskirts. Therefore, the ‘Dumping saaku, segregation beku’ (bill was drafted last year) plans are in talks. It prevents illegal dumping of city side trash into villages or locations in the outskirts.”

Vijayan Ketu, a broker says, “Waste management especially in the growth corridors needs constant monitoring. Buyers are often choosy. If waste piles up, the locality does not qualify in the investor list of choices.”

Other issues include bad pavements and unauthorized parking making much of Harlur, Sarjapura, Hoodi Circle, Whitefiled, Silk Board and many more areas almost inaccessible. Ashwin Karat, broker at Cityview Estates says, “These are petty problems ignored at level 1 which is at the local residents’ level. But it affects in the short term altering housing choices and demand of many prospective buyers. There are some things that we can do at ground level. Even NGO’s are willing to work in collaboration.”

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