Monday, 8 June 2015

Spotlight on sustainable development of cities

Cities in India have undergone great damage due to the activities of INVESTORS from outside who do not have any stake in them, S.K. Das, the national award winner for Community Architecture in India has said.

He was delivering the keynote lecture on ‘Shared City’ held here as the beginning of the lecture series ‘Beyond Square Feet’ organised by Asset Homes.

According to him, the quality of public utilities will improve only when the rich and the poor share them. “When the rich and the muscular subvert the structure of a city through unsustainable development, there must be creative subversion by professionals to overcome the damage,” he added.

Renowned architect G. Sankar, Founder and Chairman of Habitat Technology Group, inaugurated the lecture, the first edition of the tri-annual lecture series on sustainable development.

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