Saturday, 4 July 2015

Now, certification for earthquake proof buildings in India

Taylor Devices India on Friday launched ‘Taylor Protected’, a certification for buildings which deploy the company’s shock absorbers for resistance from earthquake.

Sandeep Donald Shah, Managing Director, Taylor Devices India, said, “At present, home buyers have to take the word of the seller to be assured that a building is earthquake resistant.”

The 'Taylor Protected' buildings will comprise shock absorbers using aerospace technology, which will be fitted inside the walls, acting similar to shock absorbers in a car, so that the building structure remains unharmed in the event of an earthquake. It comes with a 35-year guarantee.

The Indian subsidiary of US-based manufacturer of shock absorbers Taylor Devices Inc claims that the devices can absorb at least 60 per cent of the energy of the earthquake.

The company’s shock absorbers have been deployed in the Terminal 2 of Mumbai Airport, a multi-storey apartment building in Mumbai and Apollo Hospital in Delhi. The devices can also be fitted in existing buildings.

“We have about half-a-dozen more orders currently. We expect Rs 500 crore revenue in the coming year from India. The opportunity is huge due to the existing stock of unsafe buildings,” Shah said.

In India, the National Disaster Management Authority has four distinct categories of earthquake resistant buildings - Category A, B, C and D.

The company will offer the certification to only A and B category buildings, he added.

On the cost difference between category D and category B certified buildings, Shah said, “If a Category D building costs Rs 8,000 per sq ft, the certified Category B building will cost Rs 350 per sq ft more.”

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