Thursday, 17 September 2015

House renovation in Delhi to be easy, for a small fee

Getting your house renovated would now become easy. The urban local bodies department has asked all municipal corporations in the state to charge a nominal fee against the change in building plan.

In the past, owners had to get their building plans approved all over again, apart from submitting a host of documents and paying other charges, a long procedure they preferred to avoid. "At present, if an owner wants to renovate or modify his house, he has to get the changed building plan sanctioned by the municipal corporation, apart from completing various other formalities and paying fees for scrutiny, malba and composition. Due to the long list of formalities, most owners carry out modifications without taking permission, and we lose out on revenue," said a senior MCG official.

"This is why we want to do away with such formalities and instead levy a nominal charge for modification or renovation. This way, more owners will be encouraged to approach us and seek our permission before they undertake any construction work in an already-built house," he said.

Authorities said this will also ensure the safety of the structures is maintained, and modifications will be carried out under their supervision. The state government is yet to fix an amount for the 'nominal' charge to be imposed. "We've asked all municipal bodies in the state to suggest what the charge should be. We've given them a week to reply. Only then will we be able to decide what the amount should be," said an urban local bodies official.

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