Tuesday, 5 January 2016

State starts direct bank transfer for land acquisition

In a bid to ensure transparency and check corruption in the urban development authority, the state government has decided to credit compensation directly in bank accounts of landowners when their property is acquired by Huda.

Earlier, payments were done either by cheque or demand draft and landowners had to visit Huda offices umpteen times and grease the palms of officials to get payment.

Now, Huda will directly transfer the amount in the landowner's account through real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system.

Land acquisition officer Om Prakash told TOI on January 2 that the additional chief secretary (revenue) has given clear direction to Huda for online payment to landowners through RTGS.

"The system is likely to benefit landowners," he said.

Prakash said several landowners are senior citizens and they had to make several rounds to Huda offices to get the payment after their land is acquired.

"Many a time payment is delayed. The new system will not only be convenient for land owners, but it will also check corruption," he said.

Under the new system, after the notification for land acquisition, officials of the department concerned will first verify the credentials of landowners.

"If the landowner already has an account, then the officials will get the details of the bank account and in case a landowner does not have an account, then officials will assist them in opening an account first. Then money will be transferred," Prakash said.

He said in the month of December, around Rs 800 crore was paid by Huda as compensation for land acquisition, including Rs 312 crore paid for around 51 acres of land acquired for construction of roads for sectors 82/83, 84/85, 92/93, 94/95, 92/open space.

In January, around Rs 500 crore will be given to owners for land acquired by Huda for Central Peripheral Road (CPR).

Last week, Huda had awarded a compensation of Rs 477 crore for construction of 13 new substations in New Gurgaon, payment of which will be made in this month under the new system.

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