Friday, 30 December 2016

PM to present post-note ban plan in New Year’s address

The government’s objective was to rid the economy and society of the menace of black money and the ills brought by it, he said. India was close to being “Swachh from all forms of filth”.

Brushing aside the opposition’s criticism, Modi said India’s 1.25 billion citizens welcomed the move, understood it and supported it even in the face of great personal difficulties.

Note ban had “a crippling impact on dangerous and highly damaging illegal activities, such as human trafficking, and the narcotics trade as well”, he said.

The Prime Minister took on the Congress which is leading the Opposition charge. “I pity some of our opponents, especially the Congress leadership, for the desperation they have been exhibiting. On the one hand, they say I took this decision for political dividends, and on the other, they say people have been troubled and are deeply unhappy. How can the two go together?”

Modi was also critical of Manmohan Singh who said demonetisation was “monumental mismanagement and organised loot”.

“It is interesting that the words monumental mismanagement come from a leader who has been at the helm of India’s economic journey for around 45 years -- from being the chief economic adviser to the DEA (department of economic affairs) secretary, RBI governor, planning commission deputy chairman, finance minister and prime minister -- all the while during which large sections of our society have continued to live in poverty and deprivation,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister also defended frequent changes in guidelines by seeking to make a distinction between niti (policy) and ran- niti ( strategy). The changes were made to stay ahead of the people trying to exploit the loopholes.

Following the November 8 announcement, the government and the Reserve Bank of India have changed the guidelines at least 60 times.


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