Tuesday, 24 October 2017

What’s new in office space designs today?

1. Waiting area is not so boring now!!

A collaborative seating zone with eclectic lighting provides a welcome multi-use meeting/ waiting/ discussion space office space 1

2.  Meeting booths are getting casual

Gone are days when meetings used to be held behind closed doors. Here collaborative zones feature semi-enclosed meeting booths with comfortable sofa seating for a quick one on one or team discussion office space 2

3. Open office environment leads to more productivity

120 degree workstation arrangements allow for both sufficient individual privacy and team wise definition of space in an open office environment. Such designs are increasingly being used by companies to allow employees to interact with each other creating a warm environment eventually improving the overall productivity. office space 3

4. Dull colours are the things of the past

Many may not know but colours also play an important role while designing an office space.Vibrant and trendy colours add a fun element to the the office spaces. office space 4

5. A welcome break from the work

Aesthetically designed food and beverage corner with a high bar counter type seating, visi-cooler and tea-coffee dispensar provides for a great place for chit-chat and a welcome break from the work. office space 5

6. Open seating creates a congenial work atmosphere

Taking open office seating to the next level by removing all screens and partitions to encourage interaction and collaboration.The accent colours on walls and columns with well placed graphics and greenery create a congenial work atmosphere. office

7. New age video conferencing space

Clean white lines define a new age video conferencing / entertainment space with a combination of sofa seating in front and high standing counter/ bar seating to accommodate more participants. office

8. Open desking replacing individual workstations

Open desking without fixed user assigned seats or hot desking are replacing individual workstations as a new trend that is being embraced even by traditional offices.Companies are even encouraging employees at top managerial level to go for such open spaces to interact more with their team. open desk

9. Island cabins are the new norms

The island cabins and meeting rooms are the new norm pushing the open work desks toward the external periphery for a better daylight penetration and hence a naturally brighter working environment.Accent colours based on a theme or derived from corporate colours add a distinct character to these enclosed yet visually open spaces NA_151111-462-700x467source : https://goo.gl/fW5ikz

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